Lottery Wizard

Lottery Wizard III Features

What is the Lottery Wizard? 

The Lottery Wizard III is a Windows based computer program that makes analyzing past lottery results easy. If you use a pencil and paper to track results, perform calculations, check odds, create hit lists or produce wheels then the Lottery Wizard is for you!

The Lottery Wizard is a Lottery Statistical Analysis tool that uses past lottery results to give you the best possible information for selecting and playing your lottery numbers. With its specially designed user interface, the Lottery Wizard II is extremely versatile and easy to use. A single mouse click can give you the information you need to play your next set of numbers.

Main Screen Features 

The Lottery Wizard III is an extremely versatile analysis tool that lets you view your favorite lottery games many different ways - and yet it is so easy to use! You will find everything you need is right up front, in full view. Here's a quick view of what the main screen has available as soon as you open your lottery file.

  • Dashboard
  • Quick Analysis
  • Wizard's Picks
  • One-Click Update (Quick Update)
  • Tabular Analysis
  • Chart Analysis Types & Controls
  • Chart Option Controls
  • Visual Analysis
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Lottery Wizard's Top Capabilities
  • Instant Most, Least, Hot & Cold Analysis 
  • Tabular Analysis Number Search 
    • Repeat Search 
    • Sequence Search 
    • Date Search 
  • Wizard’s Automatic Picks (Printable) Top 10 Hits 
    • Wizard’s Hot Picks 
    • Wizard’s Cold Picks 
    • Wizard’s Random Pick 
  • 9 Different Chart Analysis Functions Hits Analysis 
    • Ascending Hits 
    • Descending Hits 
    • Sum Analysis 
    • Number Frequency Analysis 
    • Low/High Analysis 
    • Low/Mid/High Analysis 
    • Prime/Non-Prime Analysis 
    • Odd/Even 
  • Individual Digit selection for Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games 
  • Variable Date sliders to select any portion of the lottery for analysis
    dynamically updates charts & tabular analysis while scrolling!)
  • 12 Different Chart Types 
  • 3D Charts 
  • Printable Charts and Wizards' Picks Analysis 
  • One-Click Quick Data Update 
  • Lottery Data file editor 
  • There are several options available for acquiring article content. 


 What makes the Lottery Wizard Better than other Analysis tools?


Lotto BallSimplicity!

Lotto BallFunctionality!

Lotto BallValue $$$


Lotto BallSimplicity!

The Lottery Wizard II gives you all the functionality you need to analyze past lottery results, without all the technical hype. You will be able to enhance your personal gaming system and find the numbers that are right for you!

No other software package integrates simplicity and functionality so well. All the features are straight forward, easy to use and understand. You won't need a PhD to work this software!

The Lottery Wizard's "1-Click Update" gives you simple and easy to use Data Updates! No other lottery software offers such an easy and fast way to get your updates!

Lotto BallFunctionality!

The Lottery Wizard III tracks the your most important statistics so you don't have to. You can finally get rid of that pencil and paper! Print your favorite numbers, graphs and hit lists any time you need them.

Our Tabular Analysis feature allows you to quickly search and find Sequences, Repeats or specific numbers within the entire lottery file. Our data servers give you access to a rolling 2 year history of your favorite lottery. This means that a daily pick 3 or pick 4 file will contain over 700 entries!

Our charts are easy to use and contain the most important analysis functions wanted by today's modern lottery players. Now you can visually analyze the lottery, watch it dynamically change by using our "Animate" feature!

Lotto BallValue $$$

The Lottery Wizard gives you the best value for your money. Some software packages only support one type of lottery for one State! You would have to buy 3, 4, 5 or maybe more of their software packages to match what the Lottery Wizard III can do!

What Lotteries does the Lottery Wizard work with?

The Lottery Wizard supports most U.S. Lotteries with data available for all States:

  • Pick 3 Drawings
  • Pick 4 Drawings
  • 4/100 Drawings
  • 5/xx Lotto (Fantasy 5, Cash 5 etc)
  • 6/xx Lotto
  • 7/xx Lotto